Veteran actor, seasoned writer, and a director with a multi-award winning feature and several award winning short films, Joey is pushing very hard to tell his stories and move several current projects forward, comprised of very original material.

Actor - Running the gamut of roles from battling aliens in Independence Day 2, the ultra-suave award presenter on Jane the Virgin, or the spiritually torn priest in Conviction, Joey continues to be a very versatile actor.

Director - Joey wrote, directed, starred in and half financed the 1 hour and 38 minute dramatic feature: CALLOUS which won 4 best feature awards in 7 festival appearances in 2009. It was his film making debut, starting with a feature before any of his short films!

Writer - Joey is currently working with Zero Gravity Management to produce a dramatic thriller that he first penned in 2013 called:

INIQUITY - When a traveling salesman seeks psychological therapy, the demons of his fractured childhood are examined by an overly ambitious intern who finds herself in the middle of a bloody trail of serial murder.

As of February 2017, Joey also has 3 other completed feature length screenplays at the ready stage that include:

SLEEPWALK - A (supernatural thriller) where true crime meets the paranormal. "Might you believe in God, if I could show you the Devil?"

TWO - When a self absorbed genetic engineer clones himself to recruit help in completing a now scrapped military experiment, their competitive negligence unleashes an insatiable predator that cannot sleep for fear of starvation. ( Sci-Fi thriller)

TANGLEWEED - 3 Men in financial crisis start a summer camp that caters to the elderly when a crooked city politician offers to pay them to kill off the old folks. (A ridiculous comedy)

Joey's Recent Updates & Projects

Palermo in post

“Palermo”, a new film written by and starring Joey Lanai has officially wrapped principal photography and is moving into post-production. The film centers around the illegal activities of an organized crime family lead by Saverio (Lanai) and his group of underworld figures. The film marks the continuation of long time relationship between Lanai and producer Rian Bishop, and the first time working with director Chris Billett. No release date has been set for the film.